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Low Voltage
Managed Services
Access Control

The world runs on smart technology; effective and reliable connections is key to an efficient working system. Connecting these smart technologies is what we do at Fountaine Information Systems.

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Incorporated in 2011, Fountaine Information Systems, Inc. is a full-service technology integrator specializing in custom design, implementation, and support of some of the latest technologies in the market.


FiS is headquartered in San Jose, CA, the heart of Silicon Valley with a satellite office in Golden Colorado, a short distance to the tech-heavy-mile-high city of Denver.

Powered By Information, Driven To Perfection


Situated near tech hubs means that we are not only well-informed of the advancements in technology, we also understand how these technologies affect businesses and the need to have a reliable system that connects these technologies for business use.

Building Systems
for People


Our services are not limited to corporate businesses and organizations alone. We also deliver solutions and build systems for individuals. We know what it feels like to start from scratch, so our services are also tailored to suit your needs as an individual. At the end of the day, we understand the need to create value through the managed system and this is what we deliver to you.

Your Challenge Is
Our Progress


We seek to help businesses leverage these technologies by building systems that work. We understand that change, sometimes, can be challenging and as such, we seek to help you overcome this challenge.

From Imagination
to Reality


The ability to imagine and dream has always been the bedrock of technological advancements. If you can imagine it, then it can be done. With our solutions and services at Fountaine Information Systems, we allow you to keep dreaming and imagine what the world could be like.

Our assurance to you at Fountaine Information System is this “Go ahead and imagine, we will build it”.

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