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Service & Support

For all of our solutions, we provide maintenance, service, and monitoring contracts at customized service level agreements.

Plans can be tracked and invoiced one of the five following ways:

Time & Material


The customer is invoiced for all hours of work performed, any direct expenses incurred, and all materials purchased to support the resolution of tickets and the completion of projects.

Recurring Services


Services are billed on a contract length, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.

Fixed Price


A fixed-price contract is typically tied to a single project, but some users use them for support contracts. In many contracts, the fixed price is divided into smaller milestone payments.

Retainer by Amount


The total price of the contract is prepaid. Services are scheduled when needed. Billings decrement the contract amount purchased.

Retainer by Hours


Hours of service is prepaid. Services scheduled when needed. Labor time entries decrement the retainer hours purchased.



Flat Fee


This is a single predictable monthly fee covers the services agreed upon.

Scheduled Maintenance


With this plan, we provide proactive system maintenance to keep systems at peak performance.




This is a 24/7 monitoring of the health of the network, key devices, surveillance, alarm.

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